Eric Davison
posted: November 16, 2009
Recent Art Center graduate Eric Davison has a show at Le Basse projects in Culver City. Eric has done some beautiful watercolor portraits of the celebrity look-alikes that hang around the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. He visited Superman in his memorabilia- filled apartment for the piece shown above.

Two legends meet. The Man of Steel and the great Jeff Smith at the opening,

Check out the show at La Basse projects

Kyle T Webster November 16, 2009
WOW. What a painter - great work!
Jim Moris November 16, 2009
Oh man, this work is great!
Stephen Kroninger November 16, 2009
These are great. Have you seen the documentary CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO about a few of the people who pose for photos in costume on Hollywood Boulevard? Superman claims to be Sandy Dennis' son.
Doug Fraser November 16, 2009
The guy can splash down some serious watercolor. Amazing craftsmanship. As the word I had to type to post this "finewave".
Rob Dunlavey November 16, 2009
Hal Mayforth November 17, 2009
Serious watercolor, indeed!
Yuko Shimizu November 17, 2009
I really like his approach and concept. So LA. No New Yorker would come up with an idea like this. This feels really genuine. Nice to see young artists working hard.. :-) 626 564 8728