Name That Movie 5
posted: November 20, 2009
Six drawings per movie, in sequence, no movie stars
Will November 20, 2009
Wonderful illustrations, once again. Here's my guesses: 1. 39 Steps 2. Giant 3. The Red Shoes 4. Brief Encounter 5. The Set-Up If you published a book of these I would buy it.
Steve Musgrave November 20, 2009
I think #4 is Shadow of a Doubt. I love these!
Steve Wacksman November 20, 2009
I second that, Will- I would buy it and buy it for all my movie-loving friends as a gift. I got "The Set Up' and maybe "Strangers On A Train" (?) Never seen "Giant" but that iconic JD in the backseat of the car, cowboy boots up... Seriously though, I really think these are SO much fun.
Scott Bakal November 23, 2009
Great drawings and great idea but you've made me see that maybe I don't turn on the TV as often as I could. I am curious what they are.
Sarah December 17, 2009
#1 is 39 steps #3 is the Red Shoes with Moira Shearer - my favorite still working on the others.
Tom R December 17, 2009
I agree that #4 is Strangers on a Train. The guy behnd the newspaper is a priest - it's the last scene. Yes, #1 is 39 Steps - the missing part of the finger. #3 is Red Shoes and #2 is Giant. Reserve the Right to Refuse Service is when Dennis Hopper comes in with his Mexican wife and Rock Hudson gets into a fist-fight over it. The passed out drunk is you know who!
lynn December 17, 2009
Number 4 is Shadow of a Doubt. In the movie, Joesph Cotten folds a paper house for his younger niece and nephew and then tears out an article about the killings for a door before the father can read it. The ring was a vital clue linking him to the killings, the bar is where he took youngCharlie when he realized she was doubting him. The train was one of the opening shots where the family goes to pick Charles up, and youngCharlie notices him acting strangely, so no one from the train ride could identify him. The cops trailing him tried over and over to get his picture. The one time they managed, he demanded they hand over the film.
Gene Stavis December 17, 2009
the 39 Steps (original) Giant The Red Shoes Shadow of a Doubt The Set-Up
Bert December 17, 2009
39 Steps, Giant, Red Shoes, Shadow of a Doubt, Set-Up. #4 seems to be the one in most dispute -- and it was the one I was least sure of -- but Lynn's comments nail that one. I think the last frame of #4 is Cotten & Wright on the train just before the ending.
JoAnn December 17, 2009
I got Red Shoes and Giant. Should have had Shadow of a Doubt, but missed it. This is a great idea.. I agree that I would buy the book. Keep them coming.
Peter Weisz December 18, 2009
1.The 39 Steps 2. Giant 3. The Red Shoes 4. An Affair to Remember (?) 5. The Harder They Fall (?) A few notes: a) Your intro comment says: No Movie Stars, yet in the drawings for Giant you depict James Dean twice. He was certainly one of the film's stars, no? b) Is there any way to list the most recent posts at the top of the page so that I do not have to scroll to the bottom, trying not to look at other people's responses, before entering my own? Thank you for producing such exquisitely rendered sketches of some of my favorite films. -Peter Weisz
Kristi December 18, 2009
So much harder than it sounds! 1. The 39 Steps 2. Giant 3. The Red Shoes I couldn't figure out the others, but agree with the comments about Shadow of a Doubt. Very subtle!
Kathleen December 19, 2009
#1 - Thirty-Nine Steps - got it on the first drawing. #4 - I was thinking Shadow of a Doubt, but I wasn't certain. The rest weren't Hitchcock so I didn't know them.
Jennifer December 24, 2009
Gene has them all. 626 564 8728