Metro Posters
posted: December 12, 2009
I’ve been working on an on-going series  of illustrations for The Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority. These images depict mass transit and future projects that Metro is undertaking. It’s true that nobody walks in Los Angeles, but we’re finally getting together a workable system for moving around the city without a car.
Metro Design Studio Creative Director Michael Lejeune called me a few years ago to create some images that would show the various projects in an updated WPA-poster style that glamorizes the idea of mass transit. One of the places we looked for inspiration was the original attraction posters from the early years of Disneyland
I enjoy working with the imagery of trains, buses, freeways and construction workers and Lejeune along with Melissa Rosen at Metro have managed to smooth out the bumps along the way. There’s a lot of applications for these illustrations, the first batch of posters we did kept getting stolen out of the train cars and the new pieces are starting to show up around town now.

Mark Fisher December 12, 2009
That's a future I could live in! Super color schemes as well.
Steve Brodner December 12, 2009
These are FABULOUS. LA as transit World's Fair. A great dream made real here.
David Flaherty December 12, 2009
I echo steve's POV!
Yuko December 12, 2009
really cool project and a series. Congratulations!
Kyle T Webster December 12, 2009
These are all so well designed, they make me sick, Paul! How do you do it? Just perfect.
Doug Fraser December 12, 2009
My first sight of part of this series was a while ago. It's not often that I feel something is just etched into my memory, but that day we stopped by your studio, and I saw the top image on the monitor in your studio. You were still working on it. You know I think these are gorgeous. These really are Professional work. Congratulations Paul on maintaining such a high standard.
harry December 12, 2009
High standard indeed. very nicely researched and thought out. I just received a book on the WPA posters. great stuff.
Alex Nabaum December 13, 2009
My favorite is the 5th one down, turquoise sky-beige building, such an interesting and sweeping composition!
Victor Juhasz December 13, 2009
Paul, These are great. Love the compositions and the color choices. A great project.
Jim Paillot December 14, 2009
This stuff is so slick. What a cool project. Great work.
Eric Nyquist December 14, 2009
Robert Saunders December 16, 2009
Really elegant work, Paul.
Cathy Lawrence December 17, 2009
These are beautiful. I never thought I might want to have a poster of a bus hanging in my home! Great work!
andy December 25, 2009
these are amazing. i'm not surprised they kept getting stolen. 626 564 8728