On The Town
posted: January 6, 2010
Last spring, Nicky Lindeman from SpotCo called for a poster for Seattle’s The 5th Avenue Theatre production of ‘On the Town.’ The classic musical tells the story of three sailors on the loose in NYC, “three sailors as they try to cram a lifetime of romance and excitement into a day-long adventure in the city that never sleeps!” No tigers, no lost teeth, no roofies. SpotCo wanted the look of a classic Broadway show poster, they sent me a rough sketch, and I offered to include the typography in the illustration in order to get the right feeling for the poster.

Here's SpotCo's sketch, my first sketch and a couple of color comps.

Nicky and everyone at SpotCo are total pros, and they were a pleasure to work with on this one. The production will be staged April 13- May 2, 2010.
Victor Juhasz January 6, 2010
Paul. A total bang up job. Looks great. Definitely has that old time Broadway poster feel. Congrats.
Yuko January 6, 2010
This is great! I LOVE the pencil sketch too. Congratulations.
Kyle T Webster January 6, 2010
Wow! This is perfect, and I'm with Yuko - that pencil sketch is really cool.
Chris Buzelli January 7, 2010
Congrats Paul! It captures that classical Broadway look and yours perfectly. Is it painted or digital?
felix s January 7, 2010
wow. what a sketch. the thinner type is more elegant... but i can see why they went large/ fat. nice work paul
Tim OBrien January 7, 2010
Great job and gig the sketches too.
Drew Friedman January 7, 2010
Love it! What an exciting job. That's one of the best scores ever written for the stage and the song "Some other time" might be the loveliest and saddest song ever written for a musical (in my opinion)
Harry Campbell January 7, 2010
Nicely done. Love that tight pencil, Empire State front and center. I saw the movie you refer to, ugh.
Owen Freeman January 7, 2010
You're a class-act Rogers, I'm glad there will be at least one Seattle theater poster this year not swimming with roofies.
Doug Fraser January 7, 2010
Paul, Beautifully composed and executed! You do the industry proud.
Paul Rogers January 7, 2010
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Chris: it's a digital piece, with a lot of scanned airbrush spatters. Drew: I always liked the recording Tony Bennett made of 'Some Other Time' with Bill Evans, I didn't know it was from this show. Harry: 'The Hangover" was a nice surprise, stupid and smart at the same time. Owen: watch out for those jack-knifed lorries
Randy Jones January 7, 2010
I also prefer the second sketch,but, the final is great. They censored out HELUVA Town to HECKOVATOWN in the movie. I loved the Ann Miller dance with the dinosaur.
Jim Paillot January 7, 2010
What a swell gig! I love this piece. Nicely done, Paul.
Lou Beach January 7, 2010
Wonderful Paul! I like working with Spotco....Nicky is pretty great. 626 564 8728