People Get Ready
posted: February 16, 2010
Here’s some illustrations for this month’s Wired Magazine about plans for High Speed Rail in America. The project made me think of articles in vintage Fortune Magazines that promoted future technology. I tried to bring that kind of optimistic vision of the future to these pieces. The spreads also included two maps that were going to get a lot of information graphics laid on them.
matthew hollister February 16, 2010
saw these in print today, they really look fabulous.
Victor Juhasz February 16, 2010
Love the way you can capture that great classic rail imagery and make it your own.
Stephen Kroninger February 16, 2010
terrific! classic!
WAM February 17, 2010
Mike Moran February 17, 2010
fuchs February 17, 2010
harry February 17, 2010
Totally professional,classic. Only someone with lots of hours and years of experience can do this stuff. Great.
felix s February 17, 2010
as per usual, great stuff paul. these are wonderful. i noticed an orange Amtrak banner ad last week that you may've drawn too....? kinda looked like a big steal penis bolting from the city with "movement lines". i can't see you behind or in front of movement lines as they appeared to be "jism-inspired". it had art director/ client interference strewn all over it!
Dave Wittekind February 17, 2010
Love the color palette and the gritty textures. Nice work!
A.Richard Allen February 17, 2010
Beautiful work, Paul
Doug Fraser February 17, 2010
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful,...........
Kyle T Webster February 17, 2010
Brilliant use of black in the landscape image. Wow.
Stephen Kroninger February 17, 2010
I must have absentmindedly read the heading to your post without having it fully register in my conscious brain. I've had that song in my head all day and couldn't figure out why. Just noticed why. Ah, The Impressions.
Kathryn McFarlane February 19, 2010
These are amazing! I've loved trains, ever since my birthday parties at travel town. You've made them look exciting and thrilling again. 626 564 8728