L.A. Ballet Sketchbook
posted: February 22, 2010

The LA Times asked me to make some drawings during rehearsal of the  Los Angeles Ballet . The company was working on a program of three George Ballanchine ballets, “See the Music, Hear the Dance.”
It was a real privilege for me to have a chance to observe these wonderful dancers up close in their rehearsal studio in West LA. I could feel the energy in the room the minute I arrived, and it was clear that I was watching artists perform at a very high level. I also learned why visual artists have drawn and painted dancers so often throughout history; even when dancers are at rest, they seem to be striking poses that exude elegance and strength.

Doug Fraser February 22, 2010
Very elegant, and seemingly simple. Nicely done as usual.
Yuko February 22, 2010
I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle T Webster February 22, 2010
Love that fourth one down!
lou beach February 22, 2010
Paul: I live in L.A. and have never been to the ballet. These make me want to see it! Cheers, Lou
Stephen Kroninger February 22, 2010
These are wonderful, Paul.
Patrick Hruby February 22, 2010
These are great! I really like how you doubled up the lines in places.
Victor Juhasz February 22, 2010
Ahh, these are so great to look at.
randy enos February 22, 2010
I have hung out with ballet dancers...this has the feel of it alright...great job.
Hanoch Piven February 23, 2010
So beautiful and elegant Paul. And so much beauty in these dancers.
peter cusack February 23, 2010
inspiration. thanks 626 564 8728